Apr 27 2012

2012 Nene Valley Efra 4 Wheel Drive Race Fees

The race fee for the 2012 Nene Valley EFRA 4 wheel drive championship is £35GBP (€44Euros) per driver.

This can be either paid on arrival or  before the meeting (up until the 14th July) if you wish via PayPal :-


a) For British Drivers – log into the BRCA website and use this link HERE to purchase a race ticket

b) European Drivers – please make a PayPal gift payment to treasurer@brca.org for £35 (€44) quoting the following text in the comments\notes field. –
2012 Nene Valley Efra 4 Wheel Drive Class <Your Name><Your Home Town and Country>


The 2012 EFRA rules are available in pdf format  HERE, please ensure your vehicle complies with the technical specification quoted.

EFRA Licence For clarification you do not need an EFRA licence to race in the 4 wheel drive class.  A licence is only required to participate in the 2 wheel drive class.

I look forward to welcoming you to the 2012 EFRA LSOR meeting at the Nene in July and if any of your sponsors wish to errect a trackside banner at the Euros or donations to the event raffle then please contact Clive (sponsorship@2012euros.eu).



Apr 27 2012

Euros catering

Earlier today I met with 1st Class Cusine (www.1stclasscuisine.co.uk) with the aim of them running an onside Cafe from Monday 23rd to Saturday the 28th.

I can confirm that Arthur & Theresa have agreed to run this onside facility for the Euros.

The cafe will be open from about 7.30 to 20:00 (times subject to demand) serving breakfast, snacks, lunch, drinks and cooked meals all using local suppliers.

Please watch the site for typical food and prices with the aim of encouraging those attending the Euros to prebook the evening cooked meals the day before to ensure minimal food goes to waste.

Typical food on offer and prices here



Mar 04 2012

2012 Large Scale Off Road European Championship Entry Fee

2012 lsor eurosTo all BRCA Large Scale Off Road Racers,

You will all be aware that the UK will be hosting the 2012 LSOR Euros at the Nene Valley Race Way Off Road Club between the 23rd and 28th July 2012 and a number of you have paid a deposit to reserve your place.

The section has now received notification of the entry costs for the 2 wheel drive class and it will be £105 per driver.

For those who have already paid a deposit then a further £55 is required to guarantee your place to the European LSOR event of the year. It is also not too late to consider entering this meeting either. If you want further details then feel free to contact myself (lsorchair@brca.org) or Ian our current EFRA rep (lsorefra@brca.org).

If the remaining balance could be paid by the 1st May it would be appreciated, payments can be made by cheque (made payable to BRCA LSOR section) mailed to the sections treasurer (BRCA LSOR, 42 lee way,Glasshoughton,wf10 4tq), paid in cash or via paypal through the BRCA website  HERE . Please log into your account (if you have not used the site before and are a current racer than your username is either your brca number followed by @brca.org or just your brca number – any issues then email website@brca.org)

Please note that only vehicles which conform to the EFRA 2 and 4 wheel drive rules will be able to participate in the EFRA meeting. The 2012 EFRA euros will also see the inaugural EFRA 4 wheel drive meeting too.

For reference
2011 EFRA Handbook:- HERE
General rules:- HERE
Large Scale Appendix:- HERE

Thanking you in advance
Darren Worth
2012 BRCA LSOR Chairman