Jan 02 2012


efraSetup in 1973, EFRA’s original members were France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. The idea of the organization was to regulate radio-controlled car racing though Europe. Although each member country would retain their own governing body, EFRA would try and make homogeneous rules which form the basis of most the rules in each member country, and also for European championship racing.

EFRA was chosen as it could be adapted by a large number of each member counties languages. In English, for the British membership, European Federation Of Radio Operated Model Automobiles is what is used to define EFRA.

EFRA now has 32 member countries and represents Europe in IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing). Just as EFRA represent European countries, IFMAR represents these larger groups such as EFRA.

EFRA provides list of approved components such as engines and tuned pipes for use in model cars. It also governs racing of the European Championships for radio controlled car racing, which caters for most classes of models.

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