Jan 05 2012

EC Warm Up Event – 2012 BRCA LSOR Rnd 2

eu-ukWith round 2 of our 2012 national season just 14 weeks away and occurring over the Easter weekend at the Nene Valley Raceway facility in Northamptonshire it was felt that this meeting would be suitable as a Euros warm up event.

The weekend proposed was agreed by EFRA and as such to maximise tracktime the LSOR regular format for the weekend may be subject to change.

To enable a 4 o’clock finish for our overseas racers it is proposed that this meeting commences at 9am on the Sunday with at least one round of qualification (most likely two) and at least a round of qualification held on Saturday afternoon (if attendance numbers are high then two rounds would be undertaken). Saturday would also see the open practice commence from mid morning.

Our format of three rounds of qualification would still remain.

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