Feb 04 2012

2012 BRCA EFRA Licence Applications

efraPlease note that Janet is now taking applications for 2012 EFRA licences.

For those who are entering the 2012 LSOR European Championship meeting in July then please obtain your licence.


Those entering the 4 wheel drive EFRA open class do NOT need to purchase a licence.

Their is no increase to the 2011 licence fee and the application form is available HERE, please remember to fill in all relevant details, even your emergency contact details too.

All drivers entering the 2 wheel drive class will need to purchase an EFRA licence.

A further announcement on the race fee will be posted following receipt of costs from EFRA.

Good luck to all those UK drivers entering the 2012 Euros meeting.

Darren Worth
2012 BRCA LSOR Chairman

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